What is procedure for obtaining a building permit for a "new" commercial building?


Submission of a site development plan to the Planning Board for their review and approval (including public hearing):

Application is made through the Planning & Zoning office and site plans are developed showing items/procedure outlined by Section 305-54 & 61 of the Zoning Ordinance. (Copies obtained through Planning & Zoning office as part of application form).

Village consultants (site engineering and landscaping) are requested to review and comment on proposals.

Review of requirements for Environmental Review Act compliance is performed.

Zoning Board of Appeals application for variance (if needed) are done normally after Planning Board approval. (Unless otherwise directed by the Planning Board). Application for variance are made through the Planning & Zoning office.

Upon approval of the Planning Board and obtaining any necessary ZBA variance, application to the Architectural Review Board is made with at least scaled project elevation including materials and colors proposed (three (3) sets of drawings with related fee based on estimated market value of work proposed).

This Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month and application must be received three (3) weeks prior to the meeting.

Submit construction grade drawings and specifications by a NY State licensed architect and/or engineer which reflects compliance with the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code as well as other applicable local Ordinances (Sprinkler Law, Plumbing Code, etc.) after other approvals.

Indicate the estimated market value of the proposed work where requested on application form and pay related fee in check form payable to the Village of Tarrytown.

Submit general contractors "Certificate of Insurance" for Workmen's Compensation" with the Village named as "Certificate Holder".

Submit site drainage and grading plans as approved by Village Engineer and including erosion control methods proposed.

Show compliance with local requirements for sprinkler systems.

Submit site landscaping plan approved by Village Landscaping Architect.

Plan review is then performed by the Building Department which reviews all applications on the basis of first come, first served.

If plan approval by Village Engineer has not previously been done, plans are forwarded for his review and comment.

Plans are forwarded to Village Structural Consultant for review and comment.

Obtain Village Landscaping Architect review and comments as per Planning Board approval.

All comments developed from reviews are forwarded to project architect or engineer for revision and/or resolution.

Develop cost estimate for site work and landscaping. Obtain Village Consultants approval of said estimate and pay related 6% inspection fee.

Revised plans are resubmitted and again reviewed by the Building Department and appropriate consultants for compliance with previous comments. Plans are reviewed on the basis of first come, first served. When compliance with appropriate code and standards is shown, Building Permit is issued.