What is procedure for obtaining a building permit for the erection of a fence?


Submission of a building permit application with appropriate fee and the following:

  • Location of proposed fence marked on three (3) copies of a current survey/plot plan which has been developed by a licensed land surveyor.
  • Indicate type and/or material which the fence will be constructed of.
  • Maximum height of fencing allowed by Section 305-14B(7) of the Zoning Ordinance is six (6) feet.
  • Barbed wire fencing is prohibited by Section 305-14B(7) of the Zoning Ordinance.
  • Visibility at street intersection shall be maintained in accordance with the Code Enforcement Officer and/or Police Department recommendation.
  • Any deviation as to maximum height, type and/or visibility as outlined previously and regulated by the Zoning Ordinance is subject to the variance procedures required by the Zoning Board of Appeals. See Planning & Zoning office for variance application and said related procedures.

Approval of Architectural Review Board is required for any fence over three (3) feet in height or 20 feet in length that is visible from any public street. The following shall be submitted for Board approval:

Architectural Review Board application shall be completed and submitted with appropriate fee based on the estimated market value proposed and said fees shall be in check form payable to the Village of Tarrytown.

The Board meets on the second Tuesday each month and applications must be received three (3) weeks prior to the meeting.

Scaled drawing and/or descriptive literature on fence appearance (material/style) shall be submitted in triplicate (3) with the fence location plans previously noted.

When approvals from Architectural Review Board and/or Zoning Board of Appeals has been obtained where required, application that comply with all of the above items are then processed in order of first come first served for the Building Permit.