What is procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance?


All work as delineated in the approved building permit plans and specifications shall have been completed. At least the following inspections shall have been requested by the general contractor and/or owner and have been completed to the satisfaction of the Village Building Inspector as applicable to the project:

  • Footing and foundation walls (prior to pouring) for acceptability of soil and placement of reinforcement.
  • As-built foundation survey
  • Foundation wall damp proofing with related drainage systems in place.
  • Framing inspection with electrical and plumbing system "roughing" in place and approved by respective inspector.
  • Note: All plumbing and electrical work shall be done by individuals licensed by the County of Westchester and respective local permits obtained.
  • Insulation inspection including fire stopping.
  • Sprinkler roughing inspection as per approved plans filed under separate permit.
  • Final inspection with at least the following items completed where applicable:
  • All wall and floors (including finishes, doors, windows and hardware).
  • Final inspection of completed plumbing and electrical system by respective inspectors with their written approval.
  • Final written acceptance of sprinkler system as installed by design engineer.
  • All fire safety features in place and operational (ie., sprinkler system, smoke detecting system, fire alarm system, C.O. 2 detector, emergency lighting and exit sign).
  • Elevator acceptance by accredited third party agency and fully operational.
  • Boiler/furnace (heating system) completed and operational.
  • Site utilities including roads/sidewalks and drainage. This includes written acceptance of the design engineer of these systems and Village Engineers approval of said work.
  • As-built survey, if required
  • Sleep slope analysis if required
  • Landscaping in place and so certified to by design architect and accepted by Village Architect. (Latitude is given in regard to time of year and planting season.)
  • Project architect/engineer to submit final construction cost of the Building Permit work/Contract of Sale for new home and accordingly the following fees paid:
    • All consulting fees paid, if required
    • Recreation fees paid, if required
    • Adjusted Building Permit fee.
    • Adjusted Architectural Board fee.
    • Certificate of Occupancy fee