What is procedure for obtaining a demolition permit for building removal?


Submit Building Permit application with appropriate fee in check form payable to the Village of Tarrytown based on estimated market value of work proposed with the following items:

  • Demolition contractors "Certificate of Insurance" for Workmen's Compensation with the Village of Tarrytown named as "Certificate Holder".
  • Written confirmation of service disconnection (electric and gas) from Con Edison.

Project specifications outlining procedures for at least the following items:

  • Water and sewer disconnection and capping at least at property line (for sewer), at curb box (for water) and to the satisfaction of the Department of Public Works.
  • Return of water meter to the Water Department.
  • Removal and proper disposal of all combustible and corrodibles from the site. Indicate method of dust control to be used.
  • Break-up of all foundation walls and slabs.
  • Regrading and filling of site with clean fill to match adjacent ground elevations.
  • Have an asbestos abatement survey performed and accordingly have remediations work done in accordance with Industrial Code Rule 56 of State Labor Department.

When compliance with the mentioned items has been shown to the satisfaction of the Building Department, a Building Permit will be issued. Applications are reviewed on the basis of first come first served.