Garbage Pickup by Street Name

Monday & Thursday pickups by street name:

Altamont Street
Doris Lane
Lake Terrace
Storm Street
Ann Street
E. Elizabeth Street
LeGrande Ave
Suncliff Dr
Archer Place
E. Franklin Street
Linden Place
Sunhaven Court
Barnes Road
Fairview Ave
Martling Ave
Sunnyside Ave
Beech Lane
Grove Street(Neperan-Benedict)
Marymount Ave
Sunset Way
Benedict Ave
Gunpowder Lane
McKeel Ave
Terrace Ave
Broadway to Benedict
Hamilton Place
Mechanics Ave
Union Ave
Castle Heights Ave
Hanford Place
Midland Ave
Walden Rd
Central Ave
Highland Ave
Neperan Rd
Warner Lane
Cobb Lane
Hillside Pl
Oak Ave
Warren Ave
Cottage Place
Ichabod Lane
Putman Ave
Washington St (North
Crest Drive
Irving Ave
Ridgewood Terrace
Wildey Street
Croton Ave
Kaldenberg Place
River Terrace
Wilson Park Drive
Depot Plaza
Kerwin Place
Rosehill Ave
Wood Court
Dixon Street
Lake Ave
Rose Ridge Ave
Woodland Ave


Tuesday & Friday pickups by street name:

Baylis Court
Millbrook Ave
Summit Street
Birch Way
Grove St/Loh Park
Miller Ave
Sunnyside Lane
Bridge Street
Half Moon Lane
Monroe St
Tappan Landing Rd
Broadway to Irv.
Hendrick Lane
Oak Rise
Tarryhill Road
Browning Lane
Heritage Court
Old Forge Lane
Tarry Place
Chestnut Ave
Heritage Hill Road
Park Ave
Van Wart Ave
Church Street
High Street
Paulding Ave
Wagon Wheel Circle
Cottontail Lane
Hillside Street
Pintail Road
Walnut Street
Deertrack Lane
Hudson Place
Powder Horn Way
Walter Street
Detmer Ave
Independence St
Prospect Ave
Washington Place
Elizabeth St.
John Street
Quarry Lane
Washington St. (South)
Embree St.
LeRoy Ave
Riverview Ave
White Street
Eunice Court
Lincoln Ave
Roundabend Rd
Whitetail Road
Franklin Courts
Loh Ave
Sawyer Ave
Willowbrook Ave
Front Street
MacArthur Lane
Sheldon Ave
Windle Park
Glen Street
Main Street
Short Street
Woodlawn Ave
Meadow Street
Stephen Dr