Leaf Blowers and Landscapers Laws

Now that Spring is upon us and lawns are being worked on throughout the Village, it is important to note the laws that govern LANDSCAPERS as well as the use of LEAF BLOWERS in Tarrytown. Chapter 205 of the Code of the Village of Tarrytown entitled “LANDSCAPING” governs landscapers and leaf blowers. A landscaper, who is defined as a Green Industry Contractor by the law must be registered with the Village. The definition of a Green Industry Contractor is:

Any person who represents himself/herself to be an arborist, landscaper, gardener or horticulturalist or any person who engages in lawn service, tree care, gardening or landscape services of any form on real property on which such person does not have ownership.

A Green Industry Contractor must be registered with the Village in order to legally work in the Village. Green Industry Contractors who have registered with the Village are provided orange Village of Tarrytown Business Permits which must be affixed to the left rear of the work vehicle and note that the permit is valid through May 31, 2012. Please make sure that your contractor is registered with the Village.

The law also provides for restrictions regarding the use of leaf blowers. The operation of a gasoline-powered leaf and garden blower is prohibited from June 15 through September 15 of each year and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays during the period September 16 through June 14 each year. Person(s) who own or rent a one, two or three family home, who are using the gasoline-powered leaf and garden blowers at the home where they reside, are exempt from the restrictions regarding leaf blowers, however, if you utilize the services of a Green Industry Contractor for landscaping services, including mowing, the leaf blower restrictions apply to you.