Garbage Collection Pilot Program Information- 11/13/15


In an effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Village’s collection of

household garbage, the Village will be instituting a sanitation pilot program in various

neighborhoods. Your neighborhood is one of the neighborhoods selected for the pilot

program. Residents in the selected neighborhoods will be provided this rolling cart to be used for your household garbage. Two sanitation vehicles have been retrofitted with amechanical arm to empty the rolling carts. There will be no need for Village employees to liftand empty heavy garbage cans. One goal of this pilot program is to reduce the amount oflifting associated with the sanitation function in the Village and to reduce lifting relatedinjuries suffered each year.

The last scheduled Monday household garbage collection prior to the start of the pilot

program will be Monday November 30th. The pilot program will start on Thursday December 3rd. Starting on December 3rd all household garbage must be placed in the rolling cart for collection. Additional household garbage that does not fit inside the rolling cart or household garbage placed curbside in other containers will not be collected.

The only change to the way your household garbage is currently collected are:

Household garbage will be collected once per week instead of the current twice a

week. Your household garbage collection will be on Thursday.

All household garbage placed curbside must be inside of the rolling cart. The rolling

container provided to you by the Village is a sufficient size to handle a weeks’ worth of