Notice to all Residential and Commercial Water System Users in the Village of Tarrytown

May 4, 2018


This notice is to all Residential and Commercial Water System Users in the Village of Tarrytown:


The Village of Tarrytown has been performing a repair and rehabilitation project to improve and repair the Village’s 4-million gallon water supply tank, both inside and out, to perform a major repair, and to coat the tank inside and out to prevent rust and corrosion inside and outside the tank. 


Construction work such as this has to take place in good and warmer weather, not snowy conditions, and April is on record as one of the coldest on record. 


This project has been planned for many years, to repair and re-paint the four million gallon water system storage tank.  The Village’s contractor started in the middle of last year, and scheduled as much of the project as possible in months when people would not be watering their lawns. While we would prefer they finish sooner than later, the project has to be done right because this tank maintains the water system with drinking water for approximately 12,000 residents of Tarrytown, plus all the visitors and customers who come here to the commercial businesses like restaurants and hotels and schools.


Be aware that we are allowing people to water their flowers and vegetable gardens with hand-held, manual sprayers.  We are only prohibiting the watering of lawns through the use of automatic or manual lawn sprinklers.  So if residents need to water plants with hand-held sprayers, those may be utilized, but no automatic sprinklers, and no hose-based sprinklers that may be left for hours unattended.  This would lead to residences and homes in neighborhoods of the Village having no water.


We apologize for our residents not being able to water their lawns for the next couple of months.  




Richard Slingerland

Tarrytown Village Administrator