Routes 9 and 119 Contruction Update - 1/11/17


The construction work on Route 9 (South Broadway) and Route 119 is a Westchester County project to install a sanitary sewer force main which ultimately connects to a transmission system to the Yonkers Wastewater Treatment Plant.  According to information provided by the engineering inspector working for the County on the project, the following time frames are associated with the construction project.

Time frame for the one-lane restriction on Route 9.  The work on Route 9 that has created the need to restrict traffic to one-lane is anticipated to be completed by January 20, 2017.  After this date, traffic should return to one-lane in each direction as opposed to only one total lane available.  

Time frame for construction on Route 9.  The contractor will be performing what is known as hydrostatic testing on the sanitary sewer forcemain around January 30, 2017.  Should there be no issues evidenced by the testing, the contractor will be installing concrete pavement in the area of the forcemain installation on Route 9.  The final asphalt top coat paving will not occur until the asphalt plants open in the Spring (mid-March).

Time frame for construction on Route 119.  The contractor originally planned to be completed on Route 119 in April 2017.  However, the contractor is developing a plan to work double shifts to reduce the time frame to complete this component by the end of February 2017.  As noted for Route 9, the final top coat paving will not occur until the asphalt plants open in Spring.