What is the Policy & Procedure of the Planning Board re: Submissions?


The Planning Board (the “Board”) meetings are as follows unless otherwise specified or noticed by the Board:

  • Fourth Monday of each month – regular working meeting, at which time a review of applications will occur. Review of site-specific applications and environmental issues will be discussed at these meetings.
  • Special meetings may be scheduled from time to time. These meetings are subject specific. These meetings will be noticed on the Village’s scroll and website.
  • In the event a regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning Board falls on a holiday, the regular meeting will be held the following day.
  • On the Monday prior to the meeting, the Planning Board agenda will be finalized. Applications will be scheduled on the agenda in order of submission.
  • Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m.  


The Tarrytown Village Code, specifically Chapters 263 (Subdivison of Land) and 305 (Zoning), outline the information/documentation that is required to be sumitted by an applicant. The deadline for submissions to the Planning Board is 18 days prior to the meeting date for initial applications and 10 days for all subsequent submissions. Twelve (12) complete assembled sets of an application must be submitted for distribution. All drawings must be folded by the applicant and be part of the assembled packet.

New applications will be placed on the agenda for Board determination of completeness. When the Board determines the materials submitted are sufficient to move an application forward, a public hearing will be schedule.


All applicants, at least ten (10) days prior to the public hearing, shall send written notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, to all owners within 100 ft. of the affected property and to any other such persons as the applicable Board may deem necessary, all at the expense of the applicant. Property owners entitled to notice shall be those listed as owners on the record in the Village of Tarrytown Tax Assessor’s Office as of the date of mailing. The written notice shall contain information equal to the notice published in the newspaper, and proof of mailing receipts must be furnished prior to the public hearing. Any person making an application is further required to erect a sign facing each public street on which the property abuts, giving notice that such application has been made and that a public hearing will be held. Such signs shall be obtained from the Building Inspector. Signs are to be displayed for a period of not less than ten days immediately preceding the hearing date or any adjourned hearing date. The sign shall not be set back more than ten feet from any property or street line and shall not be less that 2 ft. or more than 6 ft. above the grade at the property line. Said sign shall be affixed to a suitable frame, which will assure visibility from the street at all times. At the commencement of the public hearing, the applicant is required to file an affidavit, which states that the aforementioned public notice requirements have been complied with.