Do I need to register my alarm? What is the penalty for a false alarm?

You must register your alarm with the Village Clerk at the time of installation or if there is a change in property ownership. There is a $100 registration fee for businesses; a $50 registration fee for residences. You must renew your alarm permit annually. Renewals are due by January 1st of each year - Business Renewal Fee $50.00 and Residence Renewal fee: $25.00

For alarm permit application, click here.

If you have an alarm and have not registered it, please do so immediately. There is no charge for the first two (2) false alarms in a calendar year.

  • Third (3) false alarms - $25.00
  • Fourth(4) false alarms - $75.00
  • Fifth (5) false alarms - $150.00
  • Six (6) or more false alarms/year - $250.00 per occurance