Tarrytown News 6.19.2020 - Bridge path, Main street closed, Parking Returning to Normal AND MORE!

Bridge PhotosMario Cuomo (a.k.a. Tappan Zee Bridge) Shared Use Path is open!

The Shared Use Path Opened this past Monday (in honor of Mario Cuomo's Birthday). The Path is open 7 days a week from 6am to 10pm. There are various view points along the way! If you bike, it should only take about 20 minutes to get across and if you walk, 80 minutes. If you do choose to bike, be courteous, and let walkers know when you wish to pass as the path is only about 12 feet wide! There is limited parking available at the path entrance (30 spaces during the week, 100+ on weekends). Please don't park at any neighboring office buildings or shopping centers (you may get towed by those private businesses!) By the way, did you know that you can take the shuttle for FREE from the Tarrytown Train Station to the Path on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays? Do you have more questions? Visit their FAQ!

Tarrytown Main street at nightMain Street Will Be Closed Friday 6/19 and Saturday 6/20 (in the early evening!)

As we continue to re-open, the Village of Tarrytown is closing main street from 4pm to 10pm this Friday & Saturday to allow for additional social distancing for a fun night out your favorite eatery! 15 Minute parking for food pick-up/delivery will be available on South / North Washington and South / North Broadway. Thanks to the Chamber for sponsoring social distancing signage! Just because our businesses are opening doesn't mean the virus is still out there! Please help ensure a safe event by socially distancing and wearing a mask when you're not sitting down at a table. We would really like to continue with these events, but we need you (yes you, John Q Public!) to do your part and follow COVID-19 social distancing procedures. Oh, and be sure to check out any participating retailers as well, they're just as a part of the fabric of our downtown business community as any other establishment. 

Return to Normal Parking July 1

On July 1 ALL parking in the Village of Tarrytown will return to normal operations. By all, we mean - no more 30 minute parking at on street meters; permits and/or payment will be required in our off-street lots; AND last but not least, commuter parking at the train station will once again require a permit or payment at a meter. A sign of the times, parking is becoming more difficult to find in the downtown town as we re-open, so If you weren't already aware, alternate side parking has been in effect since June 1. All parking is returning to normal, so if we missed anything in this list... we'll say it again...  all parking will be back to normal July 1. We'll send a reminder out via phone as we get closer!

Special Town Hall Meeting - Review of Public Safety Operations

On June 24, 2020 at 7:30 PM, the Village will be hosting a special "Town Hall" meeting to discuss and review Police Operations per Governor Cuomo's state wide initiative. A report describing our police operations has been posted on our website for the public to review. For information on how to join the meeting, click here. We'd ask that you send questions or comments in advance to [email protected] 

Taxes are due end of the month!

Village taxes are due June 30th at 11:59PM. If you really wait until the last minute, you can pay online (you can pay online at anytime, just so you know). Questions? Call the Treasurers Department at Normal Business Hours 914-631-7873. You can visit Village Hall to pay in person, but you MUST CALL AHEAD! 

CENSUSFill out your census... Please?!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! We're gonna keep beating this drum until the last minute! Lastly, we want to remind the community to fill out their census! Currently we have a response rate of 67.1%. In 2010 we had a response rate of 69.0%. Our goal for the 2020 Census is to get those numbers even higher!  Now more than ever in these difficult times we need as many households as possible to fill out the census. A complete count of Tarrytown means additional funding for our schools, hospitals, public safety operations, garbage and other local services. Estimates have stated that every person counted as a Tarrytown resident results in an annual allocation of up to $2,400 for local services. The higher the response rate, the more likely New York State will be fairly and equitably represented at the Federal level (think congress!) as the census determines how many representatives we are allotted. Fill out your census today at https://my2020census.gov/. Finally - when you submit, your data is protected.