Village Facilities

Parks and Recreation Facilities
Neperan Park 
Located at Neperan Road
Basher Field
Located at Losee Park. Two ballfields
Lagana Field
Located at 171 Sheldon Ave. Ball/Soccer field, tennis, basketball.
Gracemere Park
Located at Gracemere
Losee Park
Located at Green Street & the Hudson River. Picnic area & playground.
Patriots Park
Located on Route 9 next to the Warner Library. Playground & gazebo.
Gracemere Park
Pierson Park
Located at West Main Street. Picnic area with pavilion, tennis courts, platform tennis courts, basketball, playground, bocci court.
Pilla Landing
Located at West Main Street. Playground & gazebo.
Senior Center
Located in Pierson Park. Offers a variety of senior programming for Village residents.
Sarah Michael's Park
Located at Asbury Terrace (1 River Plaza)
Neparan Park
Neperan Road