What is the procedure for obtaining a building permit for a pool?


Submit three (3) site plans with a completed Building Permit application with appropriate fee showing compliance with at least the following zoning requirements for this use which is reviewed as an accessory structure (Z.O. 305-17D).

Follow setback requirements for district in which the pool is located (including accessory building area coverage).

Pool to be enclosed with a four (4) foot high fence or wall with gate being self-closing and self-latching. Also, see section 720 of the State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code for further clarification of pool enclosure requirements and exemptions thereto. (Enclosure)

Pool area lighting sources shall be screened so as to prevent glare when viewed from adjacent properties.

Landscaping shall be required to adequately screen throughout the year, the pool and its operation from view from the public street and the principle building on abutting properties.

If these zoning requirements cannot be met, application to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a variance shall be made through the Planning & Zoning office.

Submit installation instruction manual from the manufacturer for pool if above ground or structural drawings by a licensed engineer if in ground.

Submit specifications and location plan of accessory pool equipment (ie, filtration and purification equipment, heaters, ladder and decking, etc).

Indicate how pool is drained without causing flooding or sewer backup.

Water supply serving the swimming pool shall be protected against potential pollution (ie, cross connection and backflow).

All plumbing work (ie., water supply, drainage receptacle, gas heater/piping) shall be by a Westchester County licensed plumber and appropriate local permits obtained.

All electrical work shall be by a Westchester County licensed electrician with local permits obtained and in compliance with the National Electrical Code.

General contractor shall submit a copy of their Westchester County Home Improvement License.

General contractor shall submit a "Certificate of Insurance" for Workmen's Compensation with the Village named as "Certificate Holder".

Plan review is then performed by the Building Department which reviews all applications on the basis of first come, first served. All comments developed from reviews are forwarded to project architect/engineer and/or owner for revision and/or resolution.

Revised plans are resubmitted and again reviewed by the Building Department for compliance with previous comments.

Plans are reviewed on the basis of first come first served. When compliance with appropriate code and standards is shown, Building Permit is issued.