Community Choice Aggregation - 3/21/16

Community Choice Aggregation – On March 16, the Board of Trustees voted to select a two-year fixed-price contract for renewable energy for the village in a program that was known as the Community Choice Aggregation program and has been renamed the Westchester Smart Power program. What this will mean is as of May 1st, if you use Con Edison for your electricity supply, you will automatically be moved to ConEdison Solution’s renewable electricity supply, composed of wind power, hydro-electric and solar.  The average homeowner will save approximately $18 for the year with the renewable energy source.  You will be receiving a mailing where you will be able to choose to opt out of this renewable source and choose what is known as a brown source of energy, which is a mix of gas, coal, and other sources which would save you another $13 a year.  You may also decide not to participate in the program and stay with Con Edison or select any ESCo you choose.  If you are currently with an ESCo, you cannot move to the Westchester Smart Power program unless you cancel your contract you’re your ESCo and you return to Con Edison as your electricity provider.  If you choose to do nothing, you will receive the new renewable energy supply.