Parks and Recreation Advisory Council

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Council consists of nine members. Seven of the members of the Council shall be appointed for a five-year term. The eighth and ninth position on the Council shall be reserved for students who are juniors or seniors in high school, who reside in the Village for a one-year term. One of the student members shall be from the Union Free School District of the Tarrytowns and one of the student members shall be from the Irvington School District. The Council meets on the second Monday evening of the month. It is charged with overseeing the control, management and maintenance of all village-owned or -operated playgrounds, recreational centers and recreational facilities.

All members on the committee are volunteers who dedicate their free time to helping improve Pars & Recreation activities/programs in the Village of Tarrytown.

Board Members

Name Title
Lisa Engelson Member
Shelly Colley Member
Ed Montolio Member
Mary Kohrherr Member
Audrey Savage Member
Anneliese E. Galgano Member
Jim Desimone Chairperson