Tree Commission

The Tree Commission is comprised of five members, which includes the Building Inspector and Village Administrator. The three resident members each serve a three year term. The Commission is empowered to review applications currently pending before either the Zoning Board of Appeals and/or the Planning Board and issue recommendations to either board with respect to any aspect of the application which may impact trees, shrubs and/or related plantings.

Trees designated as protected may not be removed unless the Tree Commission determines, because of their condition, that they are a danger to persons or property or that they are diseased and cannot be saved. Pursuant to the Village Code, the following trees are protected: American beech tree; European beech tree; Eastern white pine; American elm; Ginkgo; Canadian hemlock; American sycamore; Littleleaf linden; and Larch.

Board Members

Name Title
Anne O'Brien Chairperson
David Aukland Planning Board Representative
Deidre Carsto Tree Warden
Martin Hauser Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Board Representative
Lisa Montana Member
Ronald Tedesco Member
Lou Tucci General Foreman