Sprinkler Appeals Board

The Sprinkler Appeals Board is empowered to review and deliberate on applications appealing the denial of a building permit with respect to fire sprinkler requirements. The Board is comprised of the Fire Chief, First Assistant Fire Chief, Building Inspector and two residents who each serve a four-year term.

The Board may review the following information when considering an application for an appeal:

  1. Undue economic hardship.
  2. Restriction from the achievement of a valid state or federal policy.
  3. Physical or illegal impossibility.
  4. Impediment to the intended objective of this legislation.
  5. Hazardous or damaging to equipment.
  6. Unnecessary, in consideration of viable alternatives which meet the intended objectives of the Village Code.

The applicant must state the alternative approved fire-extinguishing equipment to be installed in place of the sprinklers.