Tarrytown Link 7.21.2021 - Water Rate Increases, Emergency Notifications, Bulk Pick Up, and More...

The Tarrytown Link - "Linking You to Your Village"

Water Rate Increase Approved

At its July 19, 2021, the Village Board of Trustees approved a 5% water rate increase to all Tarrytown Water System consumers. This rate blends various expense increases over the past two years (the last increase to water rates was in 2019). There are outside pressures beyond the Village's control regarding the costs to supply water to all users. New York City (who controls the water supply and water supply rates) adopted an 8.822% increase in water rates in June 2021. In addition, the NYS Pension system required a 16% increase in contributions from the Village of Tarrytown. Here in Tarrytown, the Village had a 4% increase in salaries and benefits. We also require funds to cover capital costs for ongoing water system repairs and major capital rehabilitation projects. This water rate increase will implement immediately with the next water billing cycle. 

Reverse 911 Self Registration - Emergency Notification Calls

We want to be able to contact you in case of an emergency. If you have a landline (which many do not these days) you are likely automatically entered into our system. If you do not have a landline, you must voluntarily register to receive emergency phone call notifications from the Village. These calls may include - water related events (main breaks), storm updates, planned major construction in your area, water boil alerts, and other emergency related phone calls. Register Today!

Trash - Scheduling Bulk Pick-Ups

The Village has a long-standing appointment based program for Bulk Trash Pick-Up and Bulk Metal Pick-Ups. Appointments are required and can be made online. We highly recommend that they be submitted at least the week before you need the pick-up. Please do not put out bulk until you have received confirmation of an appointment. Bulk Trash is usually furniture, mattresses, large household trash, etc. Bulk Metal is usually scrap metal, metal furniture, certain appliances, metal fencing, etc. If you are not sure which to submit under, call (914) 631-0356 or email dpw@tarrytowngov.com

Know What To Do in the Event of a Power Outage

Power outages do happen from time to time. They can happen during a storm, or on a blue sky day. Really at any time. On behalf of ConEdison, the regional electric utility, we are encouraging residents to be prepared. Review ConEd's information on what to do if your power goes out. Do not assume coned knows your power is out. Report it online or by calling 1-800-752-6633. Do not report your general outage to the Village - ConEd controls the power grid and restoration.

If you come across downed power lines (or downed lines in general) call 911 or the police Non-Emergency Line at 914-631-5544. 

Want to know how ConEd approaches restoration efforts? Watch this video!

Most electric issues can be dealt with directly by contacting ConEd at 1-800-752-6633. If you’re still unsatisfied after talking to ConEd, you can call the NYS Department of Public Service using one of the phone numbers listed on their website.

Board of Trustees Round Up - July 19, 2021 Meeting

The Village has scheduled a Public Hearing for 8/16 at 7pm to add physicians offices to the list of authorized uses under definition of General Offices for MU & OB zones.

- A utility fire truck purchased was authorized.

- An Engineering Proposal was approved for water engineering in the Altamnt, Rosehill, Grove and Hillside Pl areas of the Village

- The Village is submitting a grant with Scenic Hudson to conduct environmental review to extend the Riverwalk from Losee Park and connect it with the Bridge's Shared Use Path and Riverwalk at Van Wart Neighborhood.

- The Village has created a new permit in the commuter lots for extended parking/vacation parking - apply today!

- A water rate increase was approved (see first "story")

Quick Fire News

- The Village of Tarrytown recently created a Tarrytown Lakes Trails Map. View the Map!

- Interested in hosting a block party? File a block party permit application.

- The Village has released a request for qualifications for 238 Green Street (WI Boat Club Property) to redevelop the property, for park-based uses and a long-term franchise agreement.

- ICYMI - ConEd has major gas main work planned for Broadway and the Wilson Park (and surrounding neighborhoods) 

- ICYMI - Tarrytown PD has partnered with 7-Eleven for Operation Chill - a program to recognize youth doing good deeds.